Owensboro Air Show 2023 Photos

Myself and a couple of friends attended the Fall 2023 Air Show in Owensboro Kentucky which featured the Air Force Thunderbirds. The show started Friday evening at the Owensboro KY Airport with some exhibits and a few air events. The Thunderbird pilots had a meet and greet then the show went on into the evening and was just spectacular. I have been to several air shows but never one at night and it was great, specifically “Team Aeroshell,” flying four of the American T6 Texan aircraft used in WW-II… this was probably my favorite part of the entire weekend. They flew with flames coming out their tails with a bunch of smoke which lit up the night sky. When they landed they lined up on the taxiway about 100 feet from the spectators, turned perpendicular to the taxiway facing the crowd, locked up one tire, and then did smoking flame throwing donuts on the taxiway… they were so loud, could not hear yourself think… very cool! Then at the end Friday there was the “GoastWriter;” a Super Chipmunk plane flying with regular fireworks in the background spewing pyrotechnics out of its wings.

On Saturday there were the same folks from Friday night but in the daytime, helicopters, and the last event was the Thunderbirds. The same show on Saturday is repeated on Sunday.

The show on Saturday/Sunday is free, if you have time, it is worth going to!

Friday evening photos at the Airport with Team Aeroshell
Saturday Team Aeroshell and other photos
Saturday Thunderbirds