About us…

This is a simple website about Jeff and Rene’e Martin’s RV Travels, some Photography and a little Ham Radio. They both grew up in Nebraska then as time went by jobs moved them to Kentucky where they lived from 1991 to 2021. Jeff retired from the Army Reserves in 2002 and from his civilian job in April 2021. They both have been planning on traveling full time in a RV for several years working on the camper and truck in anticipation of such. Their house was sold end of June and the same day they closed they left in their RV to travel the country.

They have three wonderful children and their spouses who they are very proud of and three beautiful grand kids all who still live in Kentucky.

The Camper is a 2019 Grand Design 315RLTS which has had a lot of modifications completed and several other things added. In addition, they installed 1KW of solar panels with 400AH of lithium batteries so they could camp off-grid if desired.

The truck is a 2020 Ford F350 with a large topper that houses tools, a generator, other supplies, and two electric bikes that they love.

Enjoy the website, more to come.