Summer in Kentucky – 2023

Meet Chanlee Grace Short, our newest grand-daughter. We now have four: Taylor, Grayson, Claire, and Chanlee, all beautiful kids. So, we did not do much traveling this summer, in fact, we stayed in Bowling Green and grandma spoiled all the grand children. However, we did do a lot of other things, and here are some short snips (not in any particular order) of some of them:

Our Daughter Myranda and Husband Troy had their second child, mom and kid doing fine. Here are a few photos:

Jeff went to the annual Air Show in Owensboro KY that had the Thunderbird’s as the main event. Next year (2024) the Blue Angles will be the main event.

Click here for some photos.

Claire (age 5) joined a soccer team and had a blast. We went to several of her games.

From our last two trips to Gulf shores, Rene’e had collected a bunch of sea shells, so she had a craft party for friends and family.

Jeff participated in several “recumbent Trike rides.” One was the Mammoth Cave July 4th 40-mile ride formerly called the “Pig” ride (Pig Kentucky). Also, my son, Joseph, purchase a bike and we did several Saturday morning rides.

My parents came to Bowling Green to visit the new baby.

Taylor and Grayson (grandkids) had several school band events:

Rene’e had her last hair appointment with Heidi. Heidi retired and with her husband, moved to a condo in Florida. Time to find a new hair dresser… the struggle is real!

We had several dinners with family and friends… and a birthday:

One of the long term residents at the KOA in Bowling Green had a propane issue with the refrigerator… no one was hurt. We are aware of the potential danger and are very careful.

With the help of another retired engineer we installed two two-way repeater systems on Briggs Hill. A digital system for Amateur Radio and an analog system, both into the same transmission line and antenna. Took a little voodoo magic but we got it done.

The “Blood” Moon and geese at the KOA campground in Bowling Green:

And lastly I bought a laser engraver/cutter to augment some wood working projects. Here are a couple quick ones I did before Christmas (family tree and cutting board):

Well, that’s it. We are now headed to Gulf Shores again this year for three months, then back to Bowling Green in April and will probably find an apartment or house to transition to from our travels.

Take Care!