Family in Nebraska, Part-2

Posted 8-8-2021

We are on our third week here, one more to go before we head to Scottsbluff for a few days. Last week we visited Plainsman Museum which was nice. Spent some more time with Renee’s sisters Tina and Lorrie. Renee’s dad fell middle of last week, took him to the hospital, they treated him and said he will need to go to a skilled nursing care facility for a couple of weeks of physical therapy. The only place that had an opening was Tiffany’s Square which is also a nursing home. They said if he moves to the nursing home side he is likely not going back home. We went up to see him at the hospital and he seems to be doing fine.

Went to Pioneer Village in Minden Nebraska on Sunday, it has been a while since we have been there. It is so run down, old paint, burnt out light bulbs, etc. does not look like they have put a penny into it for several years. Lots of cool, old, stuff there, however.

Also went to my cousin Rick’s place Sunday eve. Got to see his two kids and spouses. They have a nice place and a “Barn” outback that they use for events etc. He has a jeep that is rigged for the water and they go to the Loup and Platte rivers often. Next weekend he is going to a Jeep Jamboree in Central City NE where more that 400 jeeps and trucks will splash into the Platte River. Both rivers are dry, not much rain here lately.

Platte River

The truck is approaching an oil change so went looking for T6 5W-40 and Amazon was out and so was the local auto store. But did find two 2.5G jugs at TSC, the last two they had. Will schedule a Ford oil change for next week.

The camper is doing well, no major issues. Renee did see a couple of ants inside so I bought some ant spray and sprayed the ground contact points, will see how it works. We are not cramped and getting along. Some may wonder if the small space is a problem, but it’s not. However, don’t think I could live in anything smaller or with less storage. We have been going somewhere probably 3 out of every 4 days so have been busy. Anywhere you drive it is at least 20 miles. The drives are nice, long straight, smooth, with two lanes at 65 and the Interstate at 75 and folks fo 80 with semi’s at 70-73. It has also been hot, except for Sunday which got up to 85. The sky is big, you can seen thunderstorms 20 miles away with lighting but you can’t here them. It rained a couple of nights back and the wind blew but there was no hail, thanklessness.

FireFly Meadows Campground

Went to see Renee’s dad on Wednesday who is still in the hospital, had a bowl blockage which cleared that morning. While there they said they were moving him to the skilled nursing facility that afternoon. He is alert and seems to be doing well. He misses Rene’e. When we get ready to leave he seems sad. We will see him again next week. He told me to make sure I took care of Rene’e.

On the way back to the campground we stopped at the “Crane Trust & Visitors Center.” Not much here, lots of art work and an outside walkway. The largest Crane migration in the world (over 1 million) come through this area in March & April and it is spectacular to see. I remember sneaking up on them as a kid trying to get a photograph.


Went to Grand Island to do laundry, stopped at Arby’s on the way back. Took a nap and headed to Tina and Richards house for supper. Lorrie made hamburgers, Rene’e made a salad and we brought chicken tenders for grilling. Last time we may see Lorrie and Todd. Plan to go to Stuhr Museum on Sunday morning with Tina and Richard. Weather has cooled off some, low in the 60’s and highs in the low 80’s. Sunday morning should be cool as a lot of the museum is outside.

Tina, Renee, Lorrie – Tina, Richard – Todd, Lorrie

Sunset at Tina & Richards home


Visited Kearney today. Of course a lot has changed since we lived there in the 1980’s but we did find a few places that brought back some memories.

I lived here while attending school. 703 W 26th St. I remember the house had heat radiators that used hot water from a boiler. As the radiators got hot they would make a crackling noise. There was no air conditioning. We had several dogs. One a small black one got loose and ran out into the street and a guy driving by hit it and killed it. I was mad! Grabbed a glass jar and threw it at him. Good thing it did not hit him. He was crying…

My folks had this house built. 3510 20th Ave. The whole area is now built up. There use to be an alfalfa field behind the house where I would go out with my manual Nikkormat 35MM camera and take sunset photos. It was so cold one day that the mirror in the camera locked up. I was upset and took the camera down to a shop where it worked of course. They said the oil in the camera got cold. Anyone ever tell you Nebraska is cold in the winter?

My middle school and high school. It is now all a middle school I think. Ran Cross Country here. In the middle of my senior year my folks moved to Manhattan KS. I took the classes there I needed to graduate from Kearney. I graduated mid-term (Dec) and in January left for the Army. When I arrived at Fort Sill OK I did not have time to call my mother… so she called everyone on base I think. At the first formation it was suggested that I call my mommy immediately.

Harmon Park. My dad would take Mitch (brother) and myself there at dark to pick up night crawlers for fishing. We could not go home until we all picked up 500. Used coffee cans.
Down town Kearney. I remember a dime store there called Kaufman’s I think, it is not there anymore. Notice the brick road?
The Big Apple was built while we lived in Kearney. It was so exciting then to have a new bowling ally. We bowled in several leagues. It has expanded since then with additional activities.


Washed the camper and truck this week, went grocery shopping, and did laundry. Also went to Coney Island for some wieners and chocolate malts in Grand Island… um good.

Went to see Renee’s dad (Mel) at the skilled nursing center (Tiffany’s) in Grand Island. We called Wednesday eve to see if we could see him and they said yes. Arrived there Thursday morning and the place was on lock-down. One of the staff got the Covid. So, we went to his window and made a phone call. Got to see him and talk to him. While there the main man came in and lifted the lock-down so we went to his room. He is doing better but a little grouchy because he is stopped up… should clear in a few days. He is to go home in a couple of weeks.

Had to take Albert to the Vet on Friday. He scratched his eye about a week back and now the lower lid looks to be infected. However, the Vet said it was a bad tooth; his eye was fine. So, he is on antibiotics and an ointment for his eye. Said the antibiotics should clear it up but the infection will return if the tooth is not pulled; will have that done when we get back to Bowling Green KY. Poor guy, I think the trip so far has been hard on him. Most of the time he does not have trouble getting down the camper stairs (I help him sometimes) but here lately he needs help most of the time getting up the stairs. Hes back bum leg is getting worse and suffers from muscle atrophy. He is in good spirits, just getting older. Jake on the other hand is just curious as to were we land next. I take him for walks and he just looks all over and wants to investigate it all. He is acclimating better than Albert.


Lots of trains here… lots. Most are carrying coal from the West to the East. We saw one the other day that had 10 engines. Six in front, three in the middle, and one at the end. I think the thing was at least 2-3 miles long. It is amazing the amount of torque those engines have. After one passes another comes and goes. Would not want to live by the tracks here.

Off to Scottsbluff Nebraska Saturday morning the 21st.