Las Vegas – Nellis Air Force Base

We arrived at Desert Eagle RV Park located at the Nellis Air Force Base on Wednesday, May 11th, home of the Thunderbirds, a very nice current installation with all kinds of jets flying over each day; the sound of freedom. I have seen an AWACS twice now. The campground is large with several trails and areas where they have planted different types of cacti. Very nice place for a military campground. When we left Williams AZ on I-40 we traveled from the desert to mountainous terrain (not hills) of red & brown desert rock with hardly no vegetation. We stopped at a Truck stop just before we left I40 and head North on 93. The road at first was not that great but it soon smoothed out. It was a very scenic drive. As we got closed to Vegas we crossed over the Colorado River next to Hover Dam which is the boarder of Arizona and Nevada and part of the Black Canyon. Hover Dam was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated on September 30, 1935, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Dam created Lake Mead which we got glimpses of.

Our RV and truck are holding up well (keeping fingers crossed) but they are dirty; they both need a bath! We had been using “Everyplate” mail order food service. They send us three meals for two people every week but since we have been traveling we have had to pause the shipments. Each week costs about $45 and all the food is fresh and not frozen or processed. May start it up again as we get into the part of the trip where we stay at commercial campgrounds (accept shipments) for a week at a time each.

Friday was work day. Had to wash the truck because a friend of mine (Kenny) told it needed it, haha. Got my hair cut, put fuel/DEF in the truck and ran some other errands. It is hot in the sun, 98 today (70 at night), but nice in the shade. It is suppose to get above 100 this weekend. So, will clean out the inside of the truck in the morning.

On Thursday, the 12th, we headed to Red Rock Canyon, West of Las Vegas, and took the 13 mile scenic drive. Lots of formations with different colors.

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On Saturday we drove around the base. Went to the BX (department store & mini mall) and the Commissary (grocery store). Also visited the Thuderbirds hanger (which was closed) and the base visitor center. Very cool.

I have been taking photos of some of the cacti and other plants around the campground and other areas.

Click here for those photos.

Well, that is is for Las Vegas… no, we did not go to the strip… been there, done that numerous times, don’t need to do it again; but if you haven’t gone you should go a few times. Will be heading to California on Monday to see the Giant Redwoods with a one-nighter stop on the way. We are excited!