Twin Fountains RV Resort – Oklahoma City OK

Arrived in Oklahoma City at the Twin Fountains RV Resort on Sunday September 19th. More towards a fancy park than a resort. Very nice as you can see, black top drives, concrete sites and sidewalks. They have a swimming pool, hot tub, miniature golf and a small burger restaurant. I would say about 1/3 of the campers are here as long term visitors.

We have been trying to watch the weather and our schedule to decided when to go to what. It happened that Monday was to be 95 and Tuesday the high was to be 80 so we took the time to visit a couple of places accordingly.

On Monday we visited the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (mostly inside). Lots of art, paintings etc. Not what I was expecting but still worth the visit. Click here for photos.

On Tuesday we visited the Oklahoma City Zoo. Very well done, lots of animals. Big place so Rene’e rented a powered scooter. Click here for photos.

I needed to get a hair cut bad so on Wednesday I scouted out a place about a mile away. Got there and they were closed and could not see when they opened. Went to the second place where Google said they were open but they were closed. So, on my third try I went to Hanks Barber Shop. From the outside it looked like any other Barber Shop, but not from the inside.

I walked in and nobody was there except a couple of guys from Vietnam that did not speak much English. What the heck, it will grow back. So, I conveyed what I wanted them to do with some English, arm and hand signals, nodding, doodling on a napkin, etc., and he started on my head. The guy was very meticulous, cutting a hair here, there, holding up the mirror every so often to check… I did not know what he was asking so I just gave him a thumbs up or said “more short.” He then went for my ear hairs directly without making a turn and my nose got nervous? Luckily the two-holed monster was off the hook but he did find my eyebrows; not everybody gets a free ride.

He actually did a good job, but I must say it is shorter than I am use to, it will just last a little longer.

My new friend at Hanks.

We took the day off on Wednesday to do laundry and clean a little. Then on Thursday morning we went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. Remember Timothy McVeigh? What a sobering experience. You start off in a long room with displays on walls, some in the middle, and I was not too impressed. Then at the end of the room there was a TV with a count down timer to the next “Water Board Meeting.” We did not know what this was. Then a few minutes later a door opened to a smaller room with some seats and a large screen. We went in and a recording started of that meeting… a few minutes later and you could hear the bomb going off and all the people screaming. The large screen had been blank up to this point but when the bomb went off it showed all the people who died with small thumbnails. Really hit you hard. Then another door opened to a building in ruins with all kinds of displays etc. Very intense. Very good. If you are ever in the Oklahoma area you should go. Click here for photos.

On Friday I changed out the 7-pin trailer cable, the one that connects to the truck. It was starting to fray at the connector. Did not want to take a chance as all lights and trailer brakes go through this connector. I ordered it about a week back and had it shipped to the RV Park. All good to go now.

On Sunday we left Oklahoma City for Maumelle COE RV Park near Little Rock AR. We are on our way back to Kentucky to spend the fall with family and friends. So, the website updates may be more infrequent as we will be napping most of the time.