Our Trip to Gulf Shores Alabama from KY

We said our goodbys and left Kentucky on December 28th for Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama. It was really windy along the way with temps in the 80’s, very unusual and unstable weather for December. The RV camp on post was great. All large pull throughs with full hook ups and concrete pads.

The base has a plethora of bike/walking paths. Because of the weather I was able to ride quite a bit. Electric bikes are the coolest thing ever! Especially with anyone who has bad knees, keeps you mobile! Here are some photos of the trails.

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The area the RV Park is in is an old part of the base. There were several roads and parking areas with gutters but no buildings surrounding the park. This is typical for military bases. The history here would be very interesting… maybe from WW-II even. Just standing there, looking around, I can imagine the solders and the buildings… not too long ago really. The area is grown up with grass, weeds, etc., now. However, they are expanding the RV park in this area, makes sense, sewer, water, and electric already there.

While at Redstone we drove around the base and went to an old historic launch pad. The base does not have much going on except for NASA, lots of military personnel and civilians work here. Activities concerning the International Space Station are here and the The Von Braun complex, an office building and conference facility supporting the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) activities, are just a few of the facilities here.

Von Braun Complex

Old Historic missile launch pad site:

We also went to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center which is off base and is a tourist attraction. We were very disappointed, not much here really except activities for younger children. We did attend an iMax presentation which was very interesting. Our galaxy is a disk shaped sphere and as a result we can’t really see out far into space out the sides of the disk, however, we can see perpendicular to the dish. The below image is of the other galaxy’s in the solar system. It is hard to get your head wrapped around the trillions of other words that we know nothing about.

Here are some other images of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center:

We left Huntsville Alabama for Montgomery Alabama on January 1st thinking the traffic would be less and it was. The weather again was windy and unusually warm. We stayed at a Corps of Engineers park called “Gunter Hill” with long concrete pads and full hooks ups, very nice for a COE park. COE parks are different than most Military and commercial parks like KOA’s in that they have more of a “camping” atmosphere, which we like. The smell of campfires, wildlife, trees, and always by a body of water, are great.

Our dogs. The black one is Albert, a rescue dog who is very old and does what he wants when he wants and the brown/white dog is a Brittney called Jake. Jake is about 10 years old but is in great health. We walk the campground a couple of times every day for exercise.

We meet all kinds of people at the campgrounds. Most we never know their names, just stop and talk for a while, and then they are gone, likely never to see again. However, there was one older couple from the U.P. (upper peninsula of Wisconsin) that were very friendly. Meet Patti & Jim Myers… from the UP!

Here are some other photos I took at Gunter Hill.

We left Montgomery on January 10th and headed for Gulf Shores Alabama.