Scottsbluff Nebraska

Posted 08/26/2021

Arrived at Riverside City RV Park in Scottsbluff Nebraska about 3pm after a 5 1/2 hour easy drive. The campground is all gravel and a little dusty but no complaints as we get full hook ups for $25 a night. We plan to visit the “Carhenge” area, Scotts Bluff National Monument, Chimney Rock National Historic Site, and a few other sites. Should be fun.

Here are some photos of the drive to Scottsbluff.

Took Jake for a walk on a raised trail around the campground.

Folks may wonder what it is like to live full time in a camper. Well, its not much different than living in a home. We get up same time, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, or go somewhere for breakfast, get our coffee going, just like most folks do at home. Our travel trailer is not a small one when it comes to camper sizes and it works for us. I use to work from a home office so Rene’e and I are used to being in the same space for the entire day. We don’t fight or argue much at all, I just do what she tells me. We have our own time, however, I get up early, walk the dog and do other things then I go to bed early. Rene’e gets up a little later and says awake later and does what she wants; works good. I take care of the camper outside and the constant maintenance; you have to think of the camper as a cardboard box on wheels doing 65 mph. It shakes apart, gets wet, and thing fall out of cabinets (but I don’t have to mow a lawn). Rene’e takes care of the inside mostly although we share the cleaning chores. She plans our meals and creates shopping lists, etc, and drives our activities (I do the route planning). Really the only difference is that we can go where we want when we want… real cool!

Something has happened that I did not expect on this trip and that is the extraordinary country side we are seeing. I had expected to see things like Museums, Mount Rushmore, Chimney Rock, etc, but I did not expect to enjoy the vase and diverse country as much as we have. We are so used to the area we live in that I think we forget how beautiful other areas of the USA are. We have come from Kentucky where we have forests, lots of parks, curved roads, and RV parks in the trees, and not a whole lot of farming and people seem to be in a rush. We have places like Mammoth Caves and Kentucky Lake (largest man made lake in the center of USA). Then in the Kearney/Grand Island Nebraska area where it is flat and fertile and roads laid out by the square mile. Not too many hills and agriculture is king. Corn, wheat, soy bean, and milo everywhere feeding the rest of the World. The wind blows all the time with summer temps in the 90’s and 50-60’s for the lows with mostly low humidity. Kearney is the Sand Hill Crane Migration capital of the World with the amazing Platte River as there stopping grounds. But the sky, the big sky, just never gets old and you can not know what I am talking about unless you experience it yourself. Seeing a thunderstorm 20 miles away with lighting flashing everywhere but yet to hear it is incredible. Then we have the Western part of Nebraska (panhandle) and the sand hills. The hills and bluffs just go on and on. Agriculture is not as prevalent as well as the cattle but the grass hills of sand are everywhere (think Dances with Wolves movie). The people live not in such a rush and are just as nice as can be. Just beautiful. I think I am enjoying the country as much or more than our activities.

Below are some links to photos pages of places we visited in Scottsbluff.