Arapahoe Nebraska

Posted 07-20-21

Arrived in Arapaho NE about 5pm.  The wind blows here all the time but the sky is BIG and the ground fertile! 

This design above, created by Impact Art and modified by a couple community leaders, depicts several areas of the community including the school, agriculture, the library, businesses, youth and more. The design is featured on the south side of the Senior Citizen’s Center, a large wall that creates a unique central location for many to see. 

283N S of Arapaho Looking North toward Arapahoe

The sights and smells and sounds of Doves tell of farming, cattle, big machinery, semi-trucks, machine shops, and hard work.  It’s hot and dusty during the summer and cold with blowing snow during the winter and the wind rarely stops blowing.  There are no fast food joints here, no Pizza Hut, no Longhorn Steakhouse, just a couple of local restaurants and a Dollar General.  It is no doubt a hard but simple life.  But at the same time the community is thriving and keeps things balanced.  An example is the RV Park, a new bowling alley, new public library, and of course the local bar.

The “South Park” has a nice small RV park with paved spots and two have full hookups.  We were hoping for a full hook up site but both were taken so an electric/water/50A will due.  We are in site 6.  There is a nice walking/exercise path around the park.

Visited my grandparents’ grave site in Beaver City and the house they built.

Grandparents home

We went to Beaver City Bar and Grill for lunch, saw Aunt Doris, Scott (my cousin) and his wife Michelle.  Good food!  This is the new place, the old place, on the other side of the square, burned down several years back.

Beaver Bar and Grill

Arapahoe Pharmacy is home to one of very few original working soda fountains remaining in Nebraska

Old Grain Elevator and Bins South of Town

283 & 34 Intersection middle of town